CEO, Cirqle Biomedical

As the CEO of the start-up Cirqle Biomedical, Frederik is well underway in the development phase of a new product that aims to revolutionize the way in which contraception is used. Watch the video below to learn more about Frederik.

Our starting point was an issue, that many women are familiar with – namely, that there are no hormone-free contraception alternatives. From that point, we found out that the product, that we are developing, is classified as a ‘medical device’. As such, we need to have the specific rules and laws of the medtech industry in mind in order to secure the safety of the user.

I love to meet all the smart people who work in the medtech industry since it inspires and excites me throughout my day-to-day life. Besides that, it is very motivating to create a product, that is relevant to a lot of women all over the world – there is a significant demand for our product.

The interesting part about the medtech industry is that it combines technology, biology, and design to create a product perfectly suitable for the end user.


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