Mechanical Design Engineer

Meet Lasse, a Mechanical Design Engineer working for Coloplast. Lasse helps convert user needs to innovative products being used by people all over the world every single day.

The tasks that I am most passionate about is the systematic tasks, tasks such as structured problem analysis or product development. These tools help us make data-driven decisions in the early phases of development; phases, that are less expensive and more efficient to make changes and improvements in.

I often use my competences from DTU in my work. I always feel that my knowledge is relevant to what I do, no matter if I have to employ 3D-modelling or statistical tools for data analysis. It is really amazing to be able to work with some of the complex problems within the medtech industry, and it is even cooler to have the tools to solve them.

For this reason, I also dream of getting wiser and learning more, both academically and practically, in order to better help make decisions and take responsibility.

You should choose the medtech industry because it is an interesting industry, which offers many challenges and opportunities – and because you make a difference for a lot of people who really need your expertise


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