Group Functions

There are many opportunities, for those who wish to work in Group Functions in the medtech industry. Typically this line of work is employed by legal advisers or people with a master’s degree in science or business. Group Functions cover functions such as legal departments, HR, IT, communication and marketing.

Legal Department

As a Group Function, the legal department supports the company’s business units. Alongside the other legal advisers, your main task is to ensure professional legal counseling throughout the company.


The essence of HR – or Human Resources – is working with people. This is an important element of every company, the medtech industry being no exception. Typically, as an HR-consultant your main tasks will be salary negotiations, further education, recruitment, discharges and generally improving the work environment. Besides that, you will be working on employee budgeting, providing advice for the management when it comes to questions regarding the employees and ultimately recruiting new employees.


As an employee in the IT department of a medtech company, you will be providing support for the entire company. Besides that, the IT department is responsible for different tasks such as server- and network maintenance, application support and programming. Furthermore, it is possible the individual company houses a service desk providing support internally for its employees.


Communication in the medtech industry encompasses several functions, such as Public Relations, Public Affairs, and Investor Relations. Being a part of the communications team, your main task will be ensuring the influence on political processes and goals of the company. Furthermore, you will be in charge of strengthening the company’s internal and external relations through solid communicative work.


The company’s products can be sold to strengthen the cash flow, but which value propositions does the company need to highlight in its dialogue with the health care system? Why should they buy the product your company is selling? You and the rest of the marketing team will be in charge of answering those questions. This is not traditional sales and marketing; it is essential to take the multiple nuances of selling medical equipment into account.