Software, IT & Data Science

If you want to work with software, IT and Data Science within the medtech industry, there are many options. It is typically software technicians, IT engineers and computer scientists who deal with software development.

Software and IT are essential for the development of meaningful healthcare technology and data management is fundamental for progress in the healthcare field. A lot of medical equipment requires software to work. Development and maintenance of this software is therefore an important area in a large number of medtech companies.

In working with Software, IT and Data Science, you are helping to develop software applications or systems that pave the way for breakthroughs in medical treatments. For example, you help to analyze the users’ needs to design and develop software to accommodate these.

Work life

As an employee in a department within Software, IT and Data Science, you work in an intersection between areas such as health, medicine, computer science, mathematics, statistics and informatics.

You work with large amounts of data and are involved in solving complex problems by means of data collection, development of algorithms for data analysis and data processing in the form of coding and statistics. You may come into contact with cutting edge technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.