Process Engineer, Assembly & Packaging


In her role as a Process Engineer at Novo Nordisk, Stella works within Manufacturing Development, working with her team to improve manufacturing processes globally. She identifies opportunities for innovative solutions with a particular focus on data collection

I have a strong passion for optimising manufacturing processes and feel privileged to work within my fields of interest. I have the opportunity to apply my skills in a hands-on environment where it really makes a difference. I am part of a team with dedicated individuals who share a common motivation for designing the finest production processes and delivering the highest quality products to our patients. We constantly explore innovative approaches to meet our future aspirations.

In my role, I contribute to the digitalisation of manufacturing processes. The challenge lies in identifying the data that will enable us to make smarter decisions on the shop floor, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and performance.

Within the MedTech industry, you find some of the most challenging problems, but also the most meaningful solutions.


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